Clearpoint Acupuncture

ClearPoint Acupuncture ™ (CPA) is an acupuncture system developed by Robert Abbatiello, N.D., L.Ac. over the course of his 20-plus-years of practice. Originally, Robert developed CPA for his “difficult case” patients but soon learned that this system was a highly-effective treatment with almost every condition that he encountered – it quickly became the standard treatment he utilized on a daily basis! Robert’s impetus for further development & refinement of his ClearPoint Acupuncture system is the belief that the correct point choice, location & sequence of insertion should yield immediate and profound results. His desire is to push the system of acupuncture to the edge of its healing capability. So, every session with a patient is ultimately an exercise in the process of identifying & eliminating energetic problems or faults – similar to computer software or equipment. Robert Abbatiello Quote”It is a precision result-oriented therapy,” says Robert Abbatiello. “The body is an intricate energetic puzzle that needs to be unraveled & rearranged delicately and with Robert Abbatiello Quoteprecision – acupuncture therapy threads the line of the time/space continuum which is why it is an extraordinary form of healing.” CPA effectively treats difficult neurological symptoms such as dizziness, Menieres disease, vertigo & neuralgia; pain such as sciatica, back sprain, joint issues & headache; and physical/emotional maladies such as fatigue, anxiety & depression. With the ClearPoint Acupuncture technique, the most effective point location can easily be obtained.