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The ClearPoint 11-Day Healing Cleanse Program ™ includes a carefully formulated combination of juicing, nutrition, advanced supplementation, homeopathy, Chinese & Western Herbs, Yoga and naturopathic cleansing protocols.


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DR. ROBERT ABBATIELLO, N.D., L.Ac. Supervises & Cares For YOU All The Way Through The Cleanse The ClearPoint Healing Cleanse Program ™ has been carefully researched & developed by the author Dr. Robert Abbatiello, N.D., L.Ac. since 1985. The Program’s intrinsic purpose is to provide the most accurate means by which to change the quality of your blood, and improve the flow of your spiritual & healing energy… Robert has combined his expertise as a licensed Naturopathic Physician, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Iridologist, Homeopath and Meditation & Yoga Teacher to develop the ClearPoint Healing Cleanse Program ™. Every angle to this protocol has been covered!During & after the Cleanse, Robert’s support is one quick phone call or e-mail away! He is always available to encourage you through the many exciting changes you will experience. We’ve provided just a few of the “Testimonials” from our clients regarding this cleanse protocol – Robert knows that YOU will enjoy it as well!:

Clear Point Cleanse Details

The ClearPoint 11-Day Healing Cleanse Program ™ is a program that includes a carefully formulated combination of juicing, dietary nutrition, advanced supplementation, homeopathy, Chinese & Western Herbs, Yoga and naturopathic cleansing protocols. The Cleanse is a completely natural process which supports the body’s own capacity to eliminate metabolic and xenobiotic (industrial) toxins, while simultaneously working to nourish cells and re-establish the body’s cellular integrity…

During the Cleanse, toxins are released from deep within the body and efficiently eliminated. At the end of the program, you can continue healing with a new perspective, a more informed understanding and a greater respect for your body and its ability to heal and restore itself!

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Even while you’re doing your best to take care of yourself, life in the 21st Century can take its toll. Think about it. Exposure to industrial toxins, pesticides, preservatives, electromagnetic devices such as computers, cell phones, TV, etc. are greater then ever. World events are perplexing and challenging…

Over time, you may have learned to live with a little less energy. Stress has left you feeling tired by afternoon or perhaps you’re not sleeping well. Maybe you have a chronic health problem that you’ve just learned to live with! This is the time to turn things around from the inside out and that is precisely what the ClearPoint Healing Cleanse Program ™ is designed to do!

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“This cleanse is so deep, gentle and multi-faceted. I appreciate the the mental health support with the yoga, writing and affirmations.” – Mary D. “After 11 years of doing a cleanse every spring and fall (and trying several well-known cleanse programs), I always choose Robert’s cleanse now. It does a fantastic job of eliminating toxins while building body strength. I always feel great on this cleanse.” – Holly H.


However, the ClearPoint Healing Cleanse Program ™ from Healing Grace Nutrition has over 20 years of research & experience built within our cleansing program. Several thousand participants have benefited from our program!

It is not a laxative or purging program. It does not force your body into detoxification, but instead uses your natural pathways to deeply, gently & efficiently bring you back into health and balance…

It maintains its cutting edge by incorporating the latest & most up to-date nutritional supplements and cleansing protocols available while maintaining it’s commitment to natural quality & integrity. Keeping up with the ever-changing environmental hazards & stresses we all must contend with is a challenge!

For additional information, contact us below or  call Robert Abbatiello, N.D., L.Ac. at 413-587-0777.

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