Thermography at Clearpoint Acupuncture

Thermography Now Available at Clear Point Acupuncture and Naturopathy

Dear Practice Members and Friends, I have invited Ms. Dale Thomas, Certified Clinical Thermographer, to offer Thermography Screenings here at Clear Point Acupuncture. Thermography is an FDA-registered procedure that reveals heat activity, blood flow and inflammation. It provides non-invasive, sensitive images of the breast and body. Mammograms detect structure and mass, while thermograms can show activity before a mass is formed. Thus, early detection of disease is possible with absolutely no radiation, no pain and no body contact.

This information can also help me fine-tune your treatment protocol and obtain faster results, as well as monitor the progress we are making.

I hope that providing it here at the office makes it more convenient for you.

Please read the brochure provided in the office and/or visit the website to learn more or to make an appointment at

Or call 1-888-617-7262.

The medicine is prevention, the best cure is found naturally!